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    What is Jam Lamb?

    Jam Lamb is a collection of awesome music tracks that can used for a myriad of applications: your YouTube channel, commercials, training/corporate videos, website, phone messages, and anywhere sound is found!


    Why Jam Lamb?

    We are different because we offer a collection of music you won't find anywhere. Also, we are doing our best to feature quality music tracks - not dated, throwaway music. While choice is awesome, we feel having a billion tracks to swim through (like other sites) can be a bit overwhelming. We rather offer a manageable number of sweet sounds. Finally, we will be one of the first sites to offer both stock music and artist music - stay tuned!


    Am I safe buying music from you?

    Absolutely! We have taken every step to let you know you are safe buying tracks from us. Here are few things to keep in mind:

    • Every page on our site is encrypted for your security. Look at our web address in your browser; you'll notice that there is a https:// there. The "s" indicates that we have received our security certification for our site. So, when you provide your email and name - know that you are protected - on every page.
    • You can talk to a real person when you call - no hiding behind emails (though emails are welcome)
    • Credits card transactions are NOT processed on our site. Our site automatically sends you to PayPal to complete your purchase. That way, you will never have to worry about security compromises
    • Jam Lamb's parent company, DSV Media, has been in the music production business since 2002. Their stellar reputation can be easily validated - everywhere from Fox Business to the numerous clients such as Google, CBS, DirecTV and others they've worked with over the years


    What happens when I check out?

    After you add the tracks you want to your shopping cart and are ready to check out, here's what will happen:

    • You'll be asked to register
    • Provide the typical info
    • You'll be redirected to PayPal for payment
    • After making payment with PayPal, you will see a Thanks for your order message of PayPal
    • On this page, click on the link link that says Return to Jam Lamb Stock Music Store
    • You will see another Thanks for your order on the upper left. Below you will see a 10-second redirect countdown. Wait for it or click it.
    • At this point, you will be back at Jam Lamb. Access your music by selecting the My Sounds link on the right menu.
    • You're done!


    What do I get when I buy your music?

    You will receive a 320kbps MP3 file. This is the absolute best, clearest version of MP3 available. Furthermore, your MP3 file will be the same length as the demo version heard on our site - minus the Jam Lamb watermark, of course.


    What does "Royalty Free Music" mean?

    In the music world, one typically has to pay an ongoing fee for the use of music (other than personal listening). When music is royalty free, you need only to pay a one time fee for the unlimited use of the music.


    Do you accept music from producers and artists?

    Yes. If you feel your music is of the highest of quality, we invite you to send it in for review. If accepted, you will get a portion of the proceeds generated on our site. Know that there are certain restrictions and guidelines apply.

    Contact Us

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    6075 Cleveland Ave., Suite 204, Columbus, OH 43231 USA

    Studio Sound

    studio recordingWe offer pristine, clear, studio-grade music. All of our MP3 files are at the highest definition: 320kbps!

    About Jam

    Jam Lamb is a DSV Media company that offers Royalty Free Stock Music.

    Also, Jam is pleased to announce we will be featuring artist-tracks very soon.

    Stay tuned...