Sell Your Tracks on Jam Lamb

original music only

Jam Lamb sees thousands of visitors every month. What if you could easily offer your tracks up for sell—all while retaining your rights to your music? Signing up is super easy; see below.


What it takes to join Jam

We’d love to add your music to our collection. There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re interested.

Your music has to be awesome. Please don’t send us leftover, half done tracks. Also know that not all music will be accepted, though your track may be really good. Next, acceptance of your music requires that you agree to ALL of the following:

  • You agree to receive 80% of sales from posted music price
  • Payment for your music tracks sold can be processed by you at any time, as long as the amount owed to you exceeds $10 (USD). Log into your vendor dashboard (will be provided) to initiate payment. Transactions will be sent payment via PayPal. Know that PayPal may assess a small fee for financial transactions, of which, we will not offset/cover/manage.
  • Jam will occasionally offers storewide coupons. If your track is purchased with a coupon, you agree to receive 80% of the discounted price caused by coupon
  • If your music is added to our store, you agree to allow your music to be used (without direct contact with you) for promotional purposes. Examples of promotions may be things such as demo videos, commercials for the JL Store, etc.
  • You cannot submit music you do not have full, verifiable ownership of
  • We accept original work only. No covers, e.g., a remake of the Super Mario Brothers theme.
  • No unauthorized/uncleared samples may be used in compositions sent
  • Music must NOT be published or under the management of a any publisher
  • You assume FULL financial responsibility for any and all legal recourse arising as a result of copyright infringement allegations for material submitted
  • You agree to indemnify Jam Lamb and it’s parent company (DSV Media) regarding all matters related to copyright use
  • Jam is a royalty free music library site. As a result, we do not report to any PRO. No royalties will be paid to our music contributors; however, you will receive a one-time payout each time your track is sold.
  • Music containing innuendo, sexual content, drug references, violence, or anything deemed as offensive will not be accepted
  • We reserve the right to remove your music content from our site without notice or explanation
  • You can provide recommended prices for your tracks; however, we will determine the appropriate price for your music in our store
  • JL will watermark your audio files placed in the store
  • You may remove your music from our site at anytime; to do so, please email us
  • Sending music to Jam Lamb does not constitute as employment. You are an independent provider of music. As a result, you are responsible for paying taxes as required by the country you reside.
  • If you live in the US, you may be required to fill out a W-9 form for your earnings that exceed $600 per calendar year